Oscar Ortiz
¡Sí, se puede!
Meet Oscar
Integrity and Determination for the 25th Congressional District
With a demonstrated history of building strong relationships with community leaders and tirelessly advocating for improved living and working conditions, Oscar Ortiz stands as a beacon for the hardworking residents of the 25th Congressional District. Originally from Mexicali and shaped by the community of Indio, Oscar intimately understands the challenges faced by our fellow citizens in their daily lives. Endowed with an unwavering work ethic and supported by his exceptional team, Oscar is ready to deliver the positive results that our community rightly deserves. For Oscar, representing our constituents in the nation's capital would not just be a duty, but a profound honor.

Meet Oscar

Oscar Ortiz is currently a council member for the city of Indio and also works as the Director of Education for a local non-profit that focuses on conservation and environmental education. Elected to the Indio City Council in 2018, he made history as the youngest council member to ever be elected in Indio at 28 years old.

In his roles as council member and Mayor, Oscar has championed transparency and community engagement, striving to involve local families and businesses in City Hall's decision-making process. By expanding outreach efforts through social media, community events, and new translation efforts, Oscar has fostered a transparent decision-making process that includes the 50% of Indio families who speak Spanish in the home. These initiatives have not only resulted in successful community events, but have also attracted increased investments into local businesses.

As a scientist, Oscar has helped shape local conversations on conservation and renewable energy. He is the current Chair for the Coachella Valley Association of Governments (CVAG) Energy and Sustainability Committee and represents the Coachella Valley at the SoCal Association of Governments (SCAG) Energy and Environment Committee and Regional Council. Moreover, he completed a 6-month fellowship on water education by WELL (Water Education for Latino Leaders).

Through his non-profit work, he has recently developed community lectures on the topics of water conservation and climate change for the Coachella Valley. Oscar remains dedicated to researching new technologies and continuously seeks innovative solutions to the environmental challenges facing our region.

Oscar holds a Bachelor's Degree in chemistry from Stanford University, where he conducted research in computational chemistry and biology. His research involved finding new uses for currently approved pharmaceuticals, including finding ways to use approved medicines as antidotes in cases of bioterrorism.